Introduction to Online Roulette

By 24 January 2021

Roulette is one of the best and most popular card games. While it is mathematically proven that it can't fire you to a maximum win, it keeps getting a lot of funs. It has different variations as seen on . Playing Roulette is purely a game of chance. However, there some strategies that can help you have an edge every time you play online Roulette.


Take Time to Know Your Game

Different blackjack variations have different rules to play. It is not all about pressing the autoplay button and see the wheel turn. It is more than that. You will need to master a lot of things before you are fully good to go. As a new player, getting good knowledge will help you to avoid silly mistakes that can cost your game.

The best place to start is the demo mode. A demo is a replica of the real money game. All online roulettes come with a demo equivalent. The demo mode will help you play your favorite game for free. When playing on demo mode, you can learn and master different strategies that will boost your winnings. You can shift to real money version once you acquire all the skills.

Always Play On Legit Casinos

With the increased volume of businesses online, it is hard to know the genuine one and illegitimate one. Online casino gambling is not an exception. There are hundreds of sites that allow you to play Roulette online. However, not all are trusted. Some are in the business of exploiting players. They will Rigg their roulette table to work in favor of the house.

How can you know that you are playing on a legit Roulette site? It is the question that rings in the mind of every player. The best way to know a legit site is through the license. For a casino to lawfully operate in a certain country, it must obtain a permit from the government. A good online Roulette casino will have a license number on their home page.

Manage your bankroll

The most common problem with players is the desire to win a lot of money at once. Online Roulette is purely a game of chance. As a player, you will be tempted to multiply your money with the shortest period of time. However, it is not always a good move. Chances of losing and winning are always the same in your game.

  • Always bet what you can afford to lose.
  • PLaying on small bets prevents you from losing a lot of cash at once.

You may end up losing all your money in a single bet. Does it sound depressing? Sure it is. No one will wish to go broke when playing a roulette game. The best way is to be careful about how you manage your bankroll. The best way to build your bankroll is not to make big bets. Always start with small bets as you upgrade.

Don’t Get Carried Away

Playing online Roulette can be big fun and entertaining. It is not uncommon to see players spending their substantial amount of time playing. If you are on a free roulette site, it is good. You are building your skills and also having quality time. However, things change when you are playing real money roulette. The availability of losing your money, in the long run, is always high.

To avoid such instances, it is good to always good to set the amount you are willing to spend on your bet. You should also have a loss limit. For example, you have €100 to spend on your game. If you lose 80%. it is good to quit the game and try another day. By so doing, you will avoid losing everything.

Use En Prison Rule When Possible

En Prison rule is a special type of rule that applies to the French version of the roulette game. It is a win-win strategy that helps players to win something or get a better chance to win. It involves placing even bets ( “in prison”). In the even the ball lands on on the slot "0", of the wheel the player is given two chnaces.

In case it happens, a player can either pick half of the amount wagerd on that bet or leave all the money to be carried to the next bet round. In the event, the player wins the next round of bet, he will claim all the winnings. In case the bet is lost, the player loses all the money. En Prison is the most secure rule.